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Analysis of Development of flexible packaging industry in Dongguan in 2014

time:2014-09-30 Read the:1601bout

As technology advances and market, customer quality and service requirements of products continues to increase, increasing competition among enterprises, coupled with political, economic and social environment of the great changes, making the domestic flexible packaging industry has gradually become fully competitive industry. The entire industry profit space getting smaller and smaller, loss-making enterprises continue to increase, one after another down the once-great companies compete in the brutal way - low-profit era is an irreversible trend came to our side.
Domestic flexible packaging industry in the modern sense of the more than 20 years of development history. For over 20 years, the domestic flexible packaging industry, from small to large, rapid development, showing a significant group, the scale of the trend. World-class printing companies are in absolute control, the new wholly-owned manufacturing enterprises and holding companies, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Chinese competitive enterprises, to accelerate its development in China. China Flexible Packaging Printing companies aware of the crisis and enormous opportunities, but also a variety of ways to expand the industrial scale, to the development of the industry, marginalized sectors.
Mainland China imported about 400 gravure printing flexible packaging production line, high-speed wide domestic flexible packaging gravure production line nearly a thousand, the level of manufacturing these lines have been close to or reached the level of developed countries; low-grade narrow gravure printing flexible packaging production line and countless . In addition, in recent years, through continuous efforts China flexo workers, coupled with the world's most advanced laser-to-plate technology and high-quality inks, flexographic and other supplies, flexo flexible packaging, increasing product quality, more and more wide.
With the equipment and raw materials as well as increasing levels of production, operation, management experience increasingly rich Chinese flexible packaging industry technology advances, product quality has been greatly improved. Far as print quality is concerned, the level of Chinese flexible packaging printing industry can be said to achieve a very high level, many print quality higher than similar products in Europe and America countries and regions.
Flexible packaging industry, the overall level of development of the mainland China is higher than in Russia and other Eastern European countries, but also higher than in addition to Japan, other Asian countries, South Korea, level with South Korea and Taiwan Province of China flexible packaging industry was essentially flat. The main gap with developed countries flexible packaging industry standards and product tables, high-grade modern packaging materials, especially in the specialty, development and production of application-specific functional packaging material.